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Poke or prod synonym

All these uses of glitch' derive from the specific technical meaning the term has in the electronic hardware world, where it is now techspeak.
"You should gas that old crufty software.".
Gweep /gweep/ WPI.
n./ A sudden interruption in electric service, sanity, continuity, or program function.In contrast with gosmacs.More severe than to frob ' (sense 2).Go to the previous, next section.Gillion /gil'y*n/ or /jil'y*n/ /n./ formed from giga- by analogy with mega/million and tera/trillion @Math109.A crank on the side of a monitor, which when operated makes a zizzing noise and causes the computer to run faster."The system's getting wedged every few minutes.interj./ Term of mild surprise, usually tinged with outrage, as when one attempts to save the results of two hours of editing and finds that the system has just crashed.Such a project is usually perpetrated by people who aren't very good hackers or find programming distasteful or are just in a hurry.Usually used to describe one's least favorite piece of computer hardware.Thus, sense 3 above is at least historically incorrect.
There were three main options for keno mercredi 10 octobre 2018 files: Program files (p-files which served the same function as doors' in today's systems, UD files (the user upload/download section and g-files.
Gas as in gas chamber'.
Other formats, especially jpeg and mpeg, may be referenced instead.Finally, observe that gophers (aka woodchucks) dig long tunnels, and the idea of tunneling through the net to find information was a defining metaphor for the developers.These include, among other things, the.400 email standard and the Group 1 through 4 fax standards.Obs./ The IBM 2741, a slow but letter-quality printing device and terminal based on the IBM Selectric typewriter.Implies not only wizard skill but also a history of being a knowledge resource for others.See grind and wugga wugga.Tmrc To cut, sever, smash, or similarly disable.According to its originator, the standard for one gilley was "the act of bogotoficiously comparing the shutting down of 1000 machines for a day with the killing of one person".