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Poka yoke word meaning

If a poka-yoke cannot eliminate the opportunity for error completely then it must warn immediately if the error occurs through inspection or in the form of an alarm or warning light.
How is error proofing done?
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Performance of repetitive tasks.(Sequence method Airplane restroom lights only come on when the door lock is engaged.Poka Yoke means " to reduce errors".The inner flaps of the box bottom have a large brightly coloured warning to Stop!The assembly process can be usedwith tools and sensors with which an assembly cell can be created that anyone can be trained to work on in a short time with no use of any short cuts.Poka yoke tooling, poka yoke tooling allows the assembly tools process to be fully controlled.Mental tracking and muscular efficiency decrease as rates of repetition increase.
(Constant number method) When assembling a part with some nuts and bolts, the exact number of nuts and bolts required is available to the worker.
Ideally, the poka-yoke prevents the error altogether by the nature of how it is designed.The contact method can also include limit switches and proximity sensors.In manufacturing or service processes the operator is provided with a bin roulette casino francaise containing the exact number of parts to complete the stage of the task.3 4, it was originally described as baka -yoke, but as this means "fool-proofing" (or " idiot-proofing the name was changed to the milder poka-yoke.As the consumer had received what they came for (cash) a large number of cards were being left at the teller machine.Retrieved May 4, 2009.Isbn Further reading edit Shingo, Shigeo (1986).This could include part boxes only opening in sequence.

 If any are left over after the worker has assembled the part, a mistake is detected right away because somewhere a bolt is missing from the part.
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