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Indian pokeweed

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Elsewhere natives used Ragweed stalks for rope.
The toxins in Pokeweed, depending on what source youre working from, range from deadly to mild. .There are also several plants that in the greater Ragweed family that can cause allergic reactions including sage brush, marsh elders, poverty weed, cocklebur, desert broom, groundsel bush, feverfew and dog fennel.Why it is missing from Arizona now is anyones guess.Amaranth, Green amaranthus retroflexus ).Illinois Wild Flowers, some 18 generations ago 600 years ago give or take a few centuries some Natives Americans stopped cultivating a particular crop and may have moved on to maize.Perhaps the seeds were parched then eaten.Root or herb infusions for colds, flu, fever, in postpartum depurants.We never planted. .Anemone, Small-flowered anemone parviflora ).We pull it or chop it in places where we dont want it, but this might be only semi-effective, since it will try to come back from the root each spring. .This leads to a lot of cross pollination and plant variation.
Ive even experimented myself with sunflower seeds, and found no practical (primitive) method of getting the oil out its far easier just to eat the seeds.
American Pokeweed (Phytolacca americana with all this going for it, whats not to like? .
Ragweed seed, photo by usda, while one could jeu de machine a sous gratuit sans inscription flash argue this is much to do over some oil but fat, saturated or unsaturated, is essential to survival.They taste like wheat brand. .Anemone, Canada anemone canadensis ).Like all things, it has pluses and minuses, but, on average, we think its worthwhile having around. .The stems and leaves.Alfalfa medicago sativa ).There are chemical treatments, if youre really desperate, including glyphosate. .Ambrosia cumanensis ; herb teas for yellow fever, constipation, menorrhagia.It would seem so, and for its grain.Ragweed, the most hay-fever causing plant in the world.