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How to pronounce hawaiian word poke

Area_400tmax/m Wisconsin: Recombubulation Youve heard of being discombobulated, but deurhendel met slot in Wisconsin, you can get recombobulated.
IStock Illinois: Woo Wap Da Bam This phrase was introduced to tina wallman poker the rest of America by the Chance the Rappers verse from Kanye Wests Ultralight Beam, but this Illinois slang has been popular in Chicago for a while.
(i.e: The luna will meet us at the worksite this morning) mahalo - Thank you.
IStock, colorado: Pow-Pow, pow-pow may sound like the noise a little toy gun would make, but its actually very important.Thinkstock Nebraska: The Farmer Wave You dont need to be from Nebraska to know about comment créer une machine virtuelle sous windows 8 or use the farmer wave (also called the lifted finger but considering the fact that the Cornhusker State has a higher percentage of farmland than any other state in the.IStock Wyoming: Buckle Bunny You've just watched.Shutterstock Endive You can keep calling this popular salad component END-dive if you want to, but know that its actually pronounced ON-deev.Its actually pronounced mack-uh-hron.Poi - A Hawaiian food staple made from cooked taro plants.Shutterstock Foie Gras Shutterstock Jícama This cool and crunchy vegetable is a great salad addition, but it can be tricky to pronounce.Pohaku - A Rock or stone.People born in Ohio know that sweeping the living room means that you break out that Hoover and suck up all that dirt.IStockPhoto/Thinkstock, espresso, you can tell just by looking at this word that theres no X in it, but some people still pronounce it expresso.Sourdough became the nickname for California Klondike miners at the turn of the century since they often relied on sourdough starter to leaven bread before commercial baking powder and yeast were easily obtainable.
Also used to describe longtime Island residents.IStockPhoto/Thinkstock Gyro Most people still pronounce this Greek dish of meat roasted on a vertical spit (or a sandwich made with said meat) like its shorthand for gyroscope, but its actually pronounced nothing like that.M, bruschetta, while we tend to think of bruschetta as toast with diced tomatoes on it, bruschetta is actually the name for the toast itself, and it can be topped with pretty much anything.IStockphoto/Thinkstock, chipotle, were not sure why some people still insist on pronouncing this smoked jalapeño chip-ole-tey, but if you do, stop it right now.IStockPhoto Macaron You need a French accent to really pronounce this word correctly, but keep in mind that its not macaroon ; thats a sweet made from coconut and condensed milk.Its pronounced arr-ee-co-vair, and the singular haricot vert is pronounced essentially the same way.Kukui - The Candlenut tree whose nuts contain an oil used by ancient Hawaiians for lighting fires.And few states are more truly Midwestern than Indiana.

Shutterstock, alaska: Sourdough, alaskans have slang for everyone.
Should you find yourself in need of a bowl, pronounce it vishy-swozz.