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How is FunFair changing the gaming landscape?
Whats next For FunFair?
With a presence in the UK, they will no doubt be pushing for regulation and approval by the UK Gambling Commission, which could have enormous implications for the industry as a whole.Member Offline Activity: 434 Merit: 250 erikalui Legendary Offline Activity: 1512 Merit: 1000 One of the world's leading Bitcoin-powered casinos Rodeo02 Hero Member Offline Activity: 798 Merit: 500 bitdepositary - Make ICO's, More Secure invalid bbcode: close of unopened tag in table casino sassenheim leiden (1) btcmacroecon.Approximately 30 percent of funds raised from the token creation event will be used toward development of FunFairs peer-to-peer platform, protocol, and a suite of high-quality games.Blockchain teamed with smart contracts allows for nothing to be hidden.Blockchain is the brainchild of Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious person or persons, depending on what you believe, responsible for the digital currency Bitcoin.It is also worth noting that Bitcoin and Ethereum gambling is one of the largest markets for cryptocurrency right now, exactly the niche where Funfair happens to be pioneering.
FunFair wants to work with regulators to create an infrastructure around cryptocurrency gambling.Delivering low cost, high quality, casino experiences that are provably fair.Member Offline Activity: 251 Merit: 250 Bitsend fistfullofbtc Full cilinder uit slot halen Member Offline Activity: 210 Merit: 100 Erickvand.Speaking to the London based technology news website, The Register, San said, The main problem the public has is one of trust.Typical competitor costs today can exceed 10 per bet for players, commented San.