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Flacon parfum baccarat guerlain

flacon parfum baccarat guerlain

Habit de Fete c1965 - Present Guerlain released the Habit de Fete flacon cases in several different styles.
Although there are several styles of these refillable containers, they all fit the same size and shape of refills: 50ml/1.7 oz Eau ma grille gagnante keno de Parfum 93ml/3.14 oz Eau de toilette 8ml/0.25 oz parfum extrait As the millenium approached, Guerlain wanted an updated flacon for their refills.Bottle made by Pochet et du Courval.The cases are of gilded brass and the domed tops are intricately pierced in a filigree pattern featuring the Guerlain G, hearkening back to the ornate muffineers of the 19th century.Disclaimer : Guerlain product ingredient listings are updated periodically.Cylindrical shaped crystal travel spray bottle to hold various perfumes, used during travel, manufactured by ttle was housed in small leather case offered in four different colors: black, red, green and blue.In 2008, a Guerlain SA told a member of m that the manufacturer of the Sucrier flacons had just passed away and the flacons would be discontinued as he was the sole manufacturer.Ten lipsticks, a compact mirror and three face powder shades helped to round out the collection.Bottle created by Baccarat to hold extraits of Liu.Talcum powder in the frosted bottle was introduced in 1947, it was being put up in a white plastic canister in the late 1960s, then it was sold in a turquoise canister in the 1980s.Parfum de Toilette is no longer made - it has been replaced by Eau de Parfum, so whatever you find is vintage and definitely worth a sniff!
The first style was introduced in 1965, known as the Delft atomizer, it was for various standard Guerlain eau de colognes and the thin metal cases were decorated with different enameled motifs, these bottles held 96ml.
Bottle also made by Pochet et du Courval over the years.Other bottles were made by Pochet et du Courval.A trademark was filed in 1961 for the hair spray and the trademark expired in 1988, but I am pretty sure this was discontinued by around 1971.The next style replaced the Delft atomizers and was rectangular, goldtone and had a pierced basketweave or lattice design, it was introduced in 1982 and used up until 1989, these thin metal cases held refills for eau de toilettes and in 1987, the parfum.Body Shampoo c1976- Present Guerlain's Body Shampoo was released in 1976, it came in three scents at that time, starting with Shalimar.Each case held a bottle that when emptied, a new refill could be recharged into the case.Capillaque Hair Spray c Capillaque was the name of scented hair sprays/brilliantine sprays that matched the various standard Guerlain perfumes: Shalimar, Vol de Nuit, Mitsouko, L'Heure Bleue, Chant D'Aromes and Habit Rouge.Created to celebrate the opening of the Guerlain boutique at 68, Avenue des Champs-Élysées, Paris, France.Bath oils were introduced in 1952.They are ribbed and look a little like the parapluie bottles, but have a black spray mechanism at the top, the name of the perfume is usually written in gold on a black band just below the cap, there is also a label on the.