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Dragon quest 11 roulette guide

A 3DS screenshot of a quest being cleared.
Take your 600 tokens and head on over to the Roulette table.20 Basics of Roulette This is incase you're not familiar with the game of roulette.Submitted By: Hug Daddy.25 Reds/Odds (R) This method has you place max bets on Reds Odds, then all the Single Number Bets that are Red and Odd.1,800 Tokens- You keep the two bets from the first bet, but you add one of the Evens/Odds, or Reds/Blues.Dont fight that and dont rush the experience too much.Your party will tackle their enemies with a balanced blend of magic, abilities and attacks.Once you have accumulated 250 tokens, you can proceed to the bingo table.
Takes a bit, I personally got mine on the first try.
4,500/5,000/6,000 Token Bets @ @ / @ / / evens RED blue odds The s show the bets used for both types of bets The s show the bet added for 5,000 Token bets The s s show the "Two Column Bets" for 6,000 Token.Go to the middle table.When you have a good starting amount, you should use your tokens on the high bidding slime slot machines.Half-Inch (Guile 8P)Steals item from enemy (no captain poker damage).Erik, if youre into stealing rare items and materials from baddies, Eriks your guy.Caster Sugar (Enlightenment 12P)Increase effectiveness of spells.