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Don't poke the bear origin

Sometimes they said 'heck' instead of Hell.
Sometimes we can only give the most likely explanation.Strike while THE iron IS HOT This phrase comes from the days when blacksmiths lifted iron objects from the furnace and hammered.Spick is an old word for a nail.To link to this term in a web page or blog, insert the following.So they became known as swashbucklers.Leofric olivia poke said he would end the tax if she rode through the streets of Coventry naked.Swan song This comes from an old belief that swans, who are usually silent, burst into beautiful song when they are dying.In Ecclesiastes 10:1 the writer says that dead flies give perfume a bad smell resultat loto du 3 janvier 2018 (in old versions of the Bible the word for perfume is translated 'ointment.
Lily livered Means cowardly.
(This street name survives in many towns today).Im going to knock hotel mamounia marrakech casino on her door.It came to mean you refused to have anything to do with them.They were given as bribes or as part of a bride's dowry.Our word holiday is derived from holy day.

Dutch courage In the 17th century England and Holland were rivals.
Down AT heel If the heels of your shoes were worn down you had a shabby appearance.