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Chassis slot 1 32

chassis slot 1 32

The new Scaleauto GT 3 Chassis cars amendments.
Please remember if it is not mentioned it means it is not allowed.
Consequently it is allowed poker wpt to loto foot 7 n 290 modify the ground plate to fulfill the regulations.Website Designed at Homestead, list Your Business for Free.This does include position of axle mounts.Only one washer and one nut are permitted per screw and screw connection.#To bring the chassis to the correct wheelbase its allowed to cut the front sub-frame center section carbon SC402a to get the correct length.Another way to spec the cars is to Dyno cars prior to the race; this is decided by Event organizers and should be announced before the Event.Only Stock Front tires may be hardened and polished and may be glued to the rim.You may set up the chassis to your preferred length as long as no body modification is needed to make your set up work.
Also a small piece of foam rubber can be glued to the inside of the rear wing uprights to help strengthen this connection.Front wheels and tires may be stock Scaleauto as supplied on the approved cars.You may use a thread locking material to prevent screws falling out, but all screws must be tight and fitted as designed.Once Rear tires have been handed out the car and all tires are under Race Control, tires must be fitted at the Technical table then handed in to Race Control. .All Scaleauto guides are legal, no modification other than trimming for slot depth.Wing must be refitted in the correct position on the car.La référence est alors ajoutée à votre commande.In einem Wettlauf gegen die Zeit besuchte Klein vergessene Schrottplätze, bevor sie abgeräumt wurden, hielt mit seiner Kamera regles roulette casino york die Schönheit des Zerfalls und automobile Szenerien des in-der-Zeit-Versinkens fest.The width may not be modified nor profile of the tire changed minimum height.Rear tires may not under any circumstances be treated with any kind of tire dressing, compound or product.

Carbon rear wing and wing reinforcement and body reinforcement rules are the same as the earlier cars.