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Dans la série animée de Paul Dini il se prépare à faire exploser Gotham mais néglige de quitter la ville avec sa compagne Harley Quinn, dont le sort ne l'inquiète pas du tout.
White Swan risks her life for Yellow Owl to get the others to run off before the others arrive in the Jet Machines.Since the Camera Jigen incident, unconsciously playing the piano, Maria develops a relationship with Grey.Losing its arm during the first fight, this monster ate enough toxic waste to regenerate its forearm before attacking Ako, leaving her temporarily blind.References edit Toshiki, Inoue (1992).The switches are different colours and the right colours correlate with the colours mentioned in the song Eyes of the Lion.Eason, «Dark Knight Flashback: The Joker, Part I», Comic Book Resources, (consulté le ).A Hero's Legacy Unnamed Truck Driver The truck driver as he eyes Goku.'s backpack full of food The truck driving man Torakku no unten-shu, lit.Appearance His appearance is marked by the curious combination of blond hair coupled with a white beard.79 Malaka's Race Doctor " Care to tell me what happened, Vegeta?
Other World Saga Other World Fighter The long-haired fighter.
Jet Swallow Jetto Suwar Blue Swallow's individual Jet Machine.
Biography She is seen to be sitting around drinking a fancy drink and wearing new fancy clothing.After killing Juuza to acquire Semimaru, Radiguet kills Saki to discard his humanity before nurturing Semimaru to assume its adult form though it was destroyed by the Great Icarus.Jetmen edit, based at the Sky Camp Sukai Kyanpu a high-tech base provided by the Sky Force, the Jetmen can launch their mecha from.Biography Jimbo and Slimjim were the first two members of the Red Shark Gang to be seen, when they are on a joyride terrorizing citizens." " A Friendly Surprise " Malaka's race doctor is confused as to why Vegeta does not accept machine sous vide la bovida his scouter On Planet Frieza 79, the Malaka lookalike medic was in charge of healing Vegeta in the Medical Machine after his defeat on Earth.The two soldiers damage the group's spaceship, rendering them unable to leave the planet.

This monster later appears to gun down Gai should he lose to Grey in a casino match, enlarging after his master loses before being destroyed by Jet Garuda with the Tetra Buster.
She is the mother of Goku: Xeno as well as the paternal grandmother of Gohan: Xeno and Goten: Xeno.